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Financial Modelling

Our approach involves working closely with clients to create financial models that accurately reflect their present and future financial status. This entails analyzing historical data and incorporating future growth management plans to establish performance measures and guidelines for the company, as well as a foundation for fundraising.

Corporate Valuation

Our services assist clients in determining the appropriate valuation of their business in instances of mergers and acquisitions, as well as the partial or complete sale of shares.

Strategic Direction

Our services involve assessing and evaluating available options and resources to assist clients in developing their future strategic direction.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) typically experience rapid initial growth, with management primarily focused on sales. Unfortunately, this can result in little attention being paid to the organization's structure. Consequently, the existing structure may eventually become inadequate to support management's plans for continuous growth, leading to declining sales and increased operational costs. At SME Partners, we possess the necessary expertise to restructure organizations to fit their respective markets, resulting in efficient and seamless operations that lead to increased sales and decreased costs. Our services also include the development of comprehensive human resources manuals that cover policies, procedures, and job descriptions. This ultimately maximizes the organization's value.

Internal Policies and Controls

Written step-by-step instructions that cover all aspects of a company's various processes are referred to as internal policies and controls. They are critical in ensuring smooth and professional operations while minimizing the possibility of errors. Additionally, they serve as a tool for management to exercise control over various departmental activities. At SME Partners, we provide our clients with customized policies and controls that are tailored to their mode of operation, establishing a foundation for optimal performance and continued growth.

Business Plans

Whether our clients are embarking on a new business venture or seeking to expand an existing one, SME Partners provides comprehensive business plans that effectively capture existing opportunities and align with the shareholder's vision.


SME Partners provides coaching services to oversee the implementation of business plans and equip our clients with the necessary tools and advice needed to achieve their desired goals and objectives.

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SME Partners was established in March 2016 by its founder Mohamed Sadek & a wide network of experts & consultants in a variety of businesses with the aim of providing a portfolio of consultation services to the small and medium enterprises. 

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To partner with SMEs aiming to improve their shareholder value through our scope of advisory services and support.

Our Vision

To become a focal point for SMEs in terms of support and information regarding all related issues in Egypt.



Let’s Work Together

Office Address: 69 Abdel Moneim Riad Street, Agouza, Giza, Cairo- Egypt

Contact Number: +201222148866

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